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Things you need to pack in a hiking backpack


There are certain things that you actually need to carry in your backpack especially if you are going on a hike for a day or two. You might think that excessive items can be too heavy to take but its always best to carry important stuffs to the hike no matter what so that you will appreciate it in case if anything goes wrong during the hike. There are however many things that you might need to write down in your hiking check list which will come In handy. Back in the days people use to pack maps, first aid kits, sunglass, compass and extra clothing. With years there are many other newer and lighter things that one can carry along with them for the hike instead of carrying all the heavy items around them. Below are some of the essentials you need to have in your hiking backpack.

Navigation tool to show the oath

You can find the perfect hiking  deuter bag Singapore outletand get going. Apart from the maps that was used back in the days, a lot of adventure seekers prefer using a little more than a map. You can basically carry a topo map which has more route and path details than a ordinary map that you will come across. There are certain ways to read a topo map and its best to learn it online before you get your hands on one. A compass is also one of the main things you need to carry. Many would use the GPS or the compass on their phone but its always best to have a baseplate compass because it will not weight anything and will give you the best results as well.

Headlamp to light the way

The more you get into the woods the thicker the trees get and it even tend to cover the whole sunlight even if its day. So it’s always best to carry a headlamp so that you know your path. These headlamps are the best choice since it keeps your hands free. You also have to make sure you carry extra batteries.

Sun Protection is a must

One should always carry a sun protection along with you to not get burnt in the sun. Since your body and face will be too exposed when hiking and you have to make sure that you don’t get burnt during the journey. Apart from the sun protecting clothing and creams you have to get a sunglass that are pretty good for outdoors and your eyes. You have to make sure that the sunglass can protect your eye against radiation.  When it comes for sunscreen try buying the best sunscreen available and that will also suit your skin type.

First aid kit for an emergency

One of the other main essentials you need to carry along with your is the first aid kit and you also should be able to know how to use it in case if any accidents occur. A lot of people personalize their first aid kit so suit their needs. Any of these first aid kit will include bandages, plasters, gauze pads, adhesive tapes, and gloves as well.

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