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Having a fun filled day in the Gold coast


Australia is a land of wonders. From snow peaked mountains to desserts, the great outback to oceans, waterfalls to animal sanctuaries and man-made wonders, Australia has it all. While the main attractions are the big cities most of the time, if one is looking to have a lazy weekend or an active vacation, gold coast poses a few chance activities.

Visit places

Gold coast as the name implies is full of lengthy beaches with golden sand. There are ample places to visit, if you are in to that sort of pastime while on vacation. Whale watching is one thing you can take part in; of course a walk in the beach is a possibility while many other water-related activities are also available. The Gold Coast sea world presents glowy sea creatures and the Koala sanctuaries are an ideal place for you to visit the famed animal. In addition, there are many model farms, bird sanctuaries and other wildlife presentations which you can visit when you are there. And, of course, shopping is very much possible. Many malls and outlets will take you to wonderland and not only as mementos but also to use while you are surfing or hiking, these come in handy a lot.

Activities: what to do?

Due to the somewhat mild ocean currents surfing has become a popular sport in the area. The place is also full of elaborate scheme of inland canals and streams. There are many theme parks such as the Dreamworld and Sea World. Wet’n’Wild is also a place worth to visit. If you are more a wildlife person, take a hike in to the Lamington National Park. It goes through both mountain ridges and the valleys. This area is so rich in flora and fauna, and is home to a rainforest eco system with rare birds present. Indoor karting, wall climbing and laser tags are also popular in the area. And of course, when tired from all these activities you can easily head to Brisbane for a day and enjoy the clubs and entertainment in one of the most beautiful cities in Australia as well.

Planning a trip

When you are planning any trip, make sure you have the facts correct first. Commute times and modes, what and where activities are, also the costs of each is very important. The last thing you want while on vacation is to either run out of money or/ and time! Therefore, after a thorough research, putting down the times on a piece of paper and deciding which day and what time you will be doing each of these activities is important. When you are searching for a place to stay, try to get a place as close to the places where things you have planned are taking place, so the commute times will be shorter.

Make it worthwhile while you are in Australia! Visit the east coast and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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