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Elegant Holiday Mains to class it up


Christmas is around the corner and its all about love, joy, merry and happiness. One way to spread all these is the dining table filled with some great dishes. Christmas has its own special dishes. But, why not step aside from the same old classics and instead add some elegance with these mains. The most important meal of all the festive and hearty dishes is the centerpiece of your table. That is the main, big course that the whole family is waiting for. We have some great ideas that you should try out this Christmas. Before you do make sure you have the decorations too. Decorating your dining table will make the dishes even more delicious.

Classic Roasted Duck

Ok! We did add a few classics here and there. This is one such classic. After all, the classics is what brings the good old memories of the previous Christmases. Now, the secret to the perfect roasted duck is a dry duck. Before you cook it up make sure you pat the duck dry with a paper towel before putting it to the refrigerator. When storing in the cold keep it uncovered in the coldest part of your refrigerator for two days. Now during this period make sure you pat the duck dry with a paper towel once in a while. Even when you are about to cook it pat pat pat it dry. This is the top secret behind all those crispy roasted ducks.

Grilled pork loins

If you and your family prefer pork over other meat then you can opt for this flavorful dish. Make sure you get the safest pork in taiwan. This dish is best served alongside a cherry plum sauce. Now, make sure you make this sauce three or four days prior the festive day.

Beef ribs

This for all the beef lovers. Why not add some beef to your holiday this year? This dish is definitely mouth watering and it also looks like a lot of hard work. The truth is it requires only little effort. But your family and guests don’t have to know that. When cooking you don’t necessarily have to use the most expensive wine in the house. Just something that’s flavor-filled enough would suffice.

Tangy sweet lemon chicken

This dish is filled with so many sweet flavors that blends well with the finely cooked chicken. It will definitely win you some hearts.

These are simple, easy-to-make dishes that will spice up this festive season. So, make sure you pick your favorite and class up this holiday. These dishes will bring joy to all.

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