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Common mistakes when renting cars


When renting a vehicle for different purposes, there are certain things to consider in order to get the best value for your buck. For instance, you must compare different car-rental companies to have an idea of the pricing models available for the car you intend to borrow. However, there are still some mistakes that are encountered by vehicle renters, especially for first-timers. Here are the common ones you may try to avoid.

Purchasing unnecessary add-ons

There are some cases when rental companies will offer some additional accessories that you may need when driving the rented vehicles, such as a GPS or a child seat. If possible, you may opt not to rent it from them, and bring your own in order to save money. Instead of renting their GPS trackers, you may download navigation apps on your devices to get your way through places. In addition, paying for the gas full beforehand is not ideal because there is a possibility you may not even consume the entire tank’s content. It would be more practical to fill up the car on your own at stations with cheaper gas options.

Double insurance

When you rent a vehicle, of course, an insurance is needed. It is required by many car leasing singapore. This is why most car rental companies will try to sell their insurance to you. However, there are instances when you don’t anymore need the insurance, as it may probably be covered by the travel agency or the by your credit card company. In which case, you must check it with them before you do any renting.

Overlooking the inspection

Some car lessee would tend to overlook the significance of inspecting the rented vehicle. It should not be, because if you have overlooked any preexisting damages that the company is not aware of, you may be charged for it when you return the vehicle. If you have found any dent, scratches, or other possible damage in the car’s exterior or interior, make sure you notify the company prior to using the vehicle.

Picking up at the airport

Due to convenience, a lot may be compelled to rent at an airport, or to ask the rental companies to have their vehicles delivered at the airport. This would be more costly at most instances. If you have a tight budget, why not try to have your vehicle brought in a place nearby? However, you must also consider the fare for cabs from airports to the place where you can pick the car up. If it’d save you more money, then don’t rent at the airport.

Try to remember the abovementioned items in order to make sure you indeed get the best value when renting a vehicle.

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